The Cam, Dursley and Uley Greenway

The Cam, Dursley & Uley Greenway (including Safe Routes to Schools) project team is creating an 8km cycle & pedestrian Greenway linking Uley, Dursley and Cam (as far as railway station) in Gloucestershire and eventually to the National Cycle Network Route 41 in Slimbridge. Our intention is that the Greenway will be accessible to everyone – cyclists, people with physical challenges, walkers, school children, commuters & those who just want a short leisure trip, families, shoppers…..

The team is led by Phil Littleford and made up of representatives of Vale Vision, Dursley Town Council, Cam Parish Council, Stroud District Council and local cyclists. They meet regularly at Jacobs House in Dursley and can be contacted via the “Contact Us” page on this website or by searching for “Cam, Dursley & Uley Greenway” on Facebook or clicking the button below for “@CduGreenway “ on Twitter.

Major stretches of the Greenway have been completed or are near completion in Dursley; further lengths will be developed under current building plans to link Cam centre with Cam & Dursley Rail Station. The project Group’s current tasks are to liaise with local councils and developers to ensure that future developments include proper provision for users of the Greenway, to make safe links between the major sections, and to develop plans for the length of the Greenway between Dursley and Uley.



Team Reviewing Maps


A copy of the indicative map can be seen in the viewer below or can be downloaded by clicking here